Money Back Guarantee | SeekUnique
SeekUnique is the new name
for Antiquity Software
SeekUnique is the new name for Antiquity Software

Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure that you'll be absolutely delighted with SeekUnique Business Manager, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, subject to the terms below.
  • Your instructions to cancel the contract and request a refund must be be received by us no later than 30 calendar days from the date of your initial order. Notification by email cannot be guaranteed so please keep an eye out for an acknowledgement from us within 48 hours of sending your instructions. Alternatively, send using Royal Mail's Guaranteed Delivery service to ensure notification is received by us within the permitted time frame.

  • Money back guarantee refers to the price paid for Business Manager licences only. The offer excludes fees for data conversion and import, SSL certificates, website setup, hosting services, training & installation and expenses incurred by us therein. The offer also excludes fees for any customisation so please do not undertake any customisation work until you are delighted with Business Manager.

  • Where chosen, website customisation or personalisation cannot be refunded. If you're thinking of ordering a website but want to test Business Manager first, we ask that you put the website on hold until you are sure that you're delighted with Business Manager.

  • Any optional third-party licensed products, e.g. the address look-up service, SMS credits and others are excluded from the offer.

  • You agree to provide us with appropriate remote access to all computers licensed to run Business Manager (including your server if applicable) so that we can remotely uninstall all software. Refunds will only be issued once we are sure that our software has been fully removed from your systems.

  • You are responsible for exporting any data entered into Business Manager prior to its removal from your computers. You agree that we are not liable for loss of any data.

We are delighted to be approved and recommended by AWAD, LAPADA & BADA

We are delighted to be approved and recommended by